This is a Staff* Toolkit

<aside> 🔥 This staff toolkit helps you own the whole JNSO process. Please do not give this toolkit to your students. (We have created 5 simple badges for you to use in student training, linked below.) This six-week guide has our sequenced best practices from the fall. Each week you will have a "hear the word" section, that has two purposes: first, is to help you take the Word in. Second, is for you to give the Word out to your students, as you see fit. Next, you'll have a "respond actively" section with ministry tasks that you should own, including the 5 simple witness badges for you to train your students. Please approach these tasks with a spiritual lens, expecting God to show up in these activities. (It's not just a to-do list.) Lastly, you will have a "Debrief and Interpret" section for you to reflect on what you are learning with your supervisor, peers, and students. When you give students clear steps to take in outreach, they can become very brave! (If you don't like our badges, please use your own simple trainings instead.)


God is Opening a New Door **for Ministry

Believe it or not, online ministry can be as fruitful as face-to-face. We will help you invite all the members of your small group to play a role in outreach during January NSO. Ministry is supposed to be a team effort, and everyone should use their gifts.

Learn how to do Online Outreach as a Small Group

In this 6-week series, we will help you follow in the footsteps of other chapters who have seen God do a remarkable work among them. These next several weeks will be filled with fun and a renewed sense of calling, as well as the important spiritual work of bumping into closed doors and faithfully finding open ones.

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PREP: See How God Closes and Opens Doors (Acts 16:6-10)

Instagram is an Open Door

It takes 6 weeks of focused work to see your ministry grow online. During the first 3 weeks you will vastly expand your networks online. Then in the following 3 weeks you will see who is responsive and welcome them into your ministry.

Get Creative with it!

Show Your Real Self!

Week-By-Week Guide

Pick the Low-hanging Fruit (Weeks 1-3)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Cast your Nets Wider (Weeks 4-6)

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6 and Beyond